About Us

Envisioning of Rise & Shine Nepal: behind the story

Being a widow at the age of 27 with 3 young kids, Sabina Chamling experienced the bitterness of social stigma and injustice due to widowhood. But acceptance of God’s love for her through Jesus in 1994 AD washed all those anger and hatred from her life. “The curse and shame has changed into blessings and joy. I am able  to feel tremendous joy of being Christ’s eternal bride. In this way I have become the happiest woman of this world. God put a strong desire in my heart to share this joy with other single women and serve them”, she says.  And that desire came into action as  a form of Pratiksha Home and Registered in Nepal government as Rise and Shine Nepal (RS Nepal) a non-profit making organization in year 2011 AD.



Empowered and dignified single women rising from their vulnerability and shining for community transformation and nation building.



Rise and Shine is committed to strengthen and Restore the single women and their dependent children through socio-economic empowerment, Skill development and Advocacy.


Core Values