Drip Irrigation in Tunnel Vegetable farming:

  April 25, 2017       RSN
Drip Irrigation


RS Nepal conducts various activities to empower and sustain single women (widows, abandoned or divorced termed as ‘Single women’) and their dependent children. Professional vegetation farming is one of them, which was as a response program after the massive earthquake in April 2015.


Drip Irrigation 1

This time we were able to install Drip Irrigation system in our tunnel vegetable farming house. Before installation of this Drip Irrigation system in the poly tunnel of vegetable farming, the traditional and manual process was in used for the irrigation. Now, Drip Irrigation system has been installed. Through this system, not only for the watering the vegetables effectively but also can be sent liquid fertilizer through the same distribution pipes.


Installation of this irrigation system has helped to boost the productivity in the whole vegetable farming process by better utilization of resources and manpower.

RS Nepal's Vegetable farming
RS Nepal’s Vegetable farming